Slumdog Millionaire

Finally Indian talent engraves its name on OSCAR award.
Out of 10 nominations SLUMDOG gets 8 oscars.
Jay ho A. R. Rehman and team.
I like the story and offourse the music .... Jay ho....
For many years India is waiting for this moment. (Actually Slumdog is British Film).
As Anil Kapoor says, there is a variety of talent in bollywood.
I am happy today to see this moment.
It is said that there is no life in India without the Music. Rehman proved it.
All the small actors are also very good. And they are really from the slum of Bandra (Mumbai).
This film gets attention of all the world toward our Indian Film Industy and talent.
Keep it up!

Programming of Robots

We are using microcontroller Atmega8l as our robots brain.
Programming is done in WinAvr software. To burn this program we converted it into .hex file and using Linux Operating System and parallel port we burn it. We need only one parallel port cable, three resistors and two wires for this.
Our requiremet is:
1. Line following robot
2. mechanism for robot hand up/down
3. mechanism to beat the three drums

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